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Fabrication & Sustainability

RAW by RAW A/W “23 Leather Collection

All our leather is sourced from the finest Italian leather tanneries that have been tanning leather as family businesses for generations, from Solofra in the renowned Avelino region known for tanning leather since Roman times.

All tanneries are quality assured and employ ethical production principles at all steps of the leather production process.

To reduce wastage and maximise sustainability, our leather is a by-product of the food industry.

We are proud to work with Italian leather suppliers endorsed by the ‘Unione Nazionale Industria Conceria’ (‘National Union of Tanneries of Italy’) and all our tanneries have ‘ISO’ accreditation. 

With four generations of leather crafting and tailoring experience, RAW by RAW is a proud family business dating back to 1976. Tracing back to our Eastern European roots, RAW by RAW still lovingly continue to hand-craft all its leather garments in small production runs using traditional leather-crafting and tailoring methods in our Glenhuntly workshop in suburban Melbourne.

Our Leather Explained:

Nappa Leather:

A light weight Italian Lambskin leather, perfect for crafting leather garments due its ability to drape and mould to the wearer’s body. Soft and subtle, it is very consistent in colour and has a customised sealant on the top in its final stages of tanning to ensure maximum longevity and easy care.

Available in: Jet Black - Chinchilla - Olive - Lilac - Mink     

Stretch Leather:

This is a fine ’Nappa’ finish lambskin leather that then goes through additional processes that bond and shrink the leather onto a cotton/lycra fabric backing. The labour-intensive process means that stretch leather is more expensive. Stretch leather as its name suggests is extremely stretchy and pliable, its fine nature is perfect to achieve the ‘legging’ fit. It is common for it to stretch more over time, therefore the fit when purchasing needs to be firm.

 Available in: Jet Black & Sky


RAW by RAW A/W ‘23 Knitwear Yarns

For people that like their knits to be noticed.

Australian Merino Wool Blend – Composition:  Australian Merino Wool / Nylon / Rayon / Acrylic

Australian Merino Wool is renowned for its rapid drying, breathable, non-allergenic qualities, and is a temperature regulating fibre perfect for keeping the wearer warm all winter long.

Our yarn is perfectly blended to ensure durability with minimal to no pilling and most importantly a luxurious hand-feel with no ‘itchiness or scratchiness’ - perfect for sensitive skin.


Australian Merino Lambswool – Composition:  Australian Lambswool / Nylon

Our textured Lambswool is another inclusion to the RAW by RAW A/W ‘23 Collection. As Merino Wool, Lambswool shares many similar attributes however contains a slightly greater natural elasticity that we have further blended with Nylon to minimise or eliminate any pilling, yet provide added durability for the wearer. The speckle effect has been yarn dyed to create on-trend texture and flickers of colour, whilst the yarn with that extra little bit of weight provides that luxurious extra warm and cosy feel.


Mohair & Australian Merino Wool – Composition:  Mohair / Wool / Nylon

Mohair is a new addition fibre to the RAW by RAW collection, its appeal is its beautiful lustre and shine as well as being significantly wrinkle and moisture resistant. In endorsing premium quality as an ethos within our collections Mohair is also known as one of the most durable fibres. Its beautiful fluffiness and soft hand-feel make it highly luxurious and a pleasure to wear. Mixed with all important premium wool and nylon to minimise pilling, garments in this yarn ensure pleasure and longevity to the wearer.


Australian Alpaca & Merino Wool – Composition:  Wool / Alpaca / Spandex / Recycled Acrylic 

The ultimate combination of textured delight, blended with Alpaca for that little bit of extra fluffiness, Australian Merino Wool for warmth and added softness with additional fibres to ensure durability, with minimal to no pilling and impressive longevity.


Australian Merino Wool, Alpaca & Mohair – Composition:  Wool / Alpaca / Mohair / Recycled Acrylic / Nylon / Spandex

Intertwining all these amazing fibres creates the feel of the perfect knitted piece. Wool for warmth, Alpaca for comfort and Mohair for that fluffy look and feel that is on-trend - wholesome along with a special blend of recycled polyester minimising our carbon footprint and Nylon and spandex for comfort all incorporated to create statement pieces that last the test of time.



After listening to our valued clientele for several years we are pleased to respond to your many requests with the introduction of our new Cashmere range.

In taking several seasons to refine and perfect the “RAW by RAW Cashmere“ collection we have studied the various types of cashmere, their properties for that luxurious look and feel as well as their properties relating to pilling and keeping shape.

This collection embraces a premium Mongolian Cashmere blended with Australian Merino wool. This yarn is not just any blend. Both fibres are strictly supplied from the yarn supplier that allows us to fully trace back to the origin/grower. This allows for full transparency, true genuine origin and quality of the yarn ensuring this world class fibre is protected from imitation or substitution. Thus we can also fully ensure the quality, protection of the art and ensure minimal to no pilling and longevity of all the RAW by RAW artesian Cashmere pieces produced.

This is also a part of our quality promise to our RAW by RAW clientele and dedication to ethical and sustainable sourcing practice.

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