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RAW by RAW comes with a rich tailoring history spanning four generations. The Balsim family came to Melbourne, Australia in 1976 from eastern Europe and continued the tradition of one generation teaching the next from their modest family home in St Kilda, initially specialising in Men's leather jackets and woollen coats. 

In 2005 RAW by RAW was born from an idea of a Ladies raw-edged leather jacket, vest and belt, presented to boutiques with no marketing or imagery - just innovative design and a newly created 'crinkled' effect leather and refined tailoring – going to market very 'RAW'. The capsule collection performed so well in boutiques that within two months a whole collection was created and the brand appropriately named as RAW by RAW Australia.

Today RAW by RAW is known for its premium leather, refined tailoring, timeless designs and incorporating leather with knits and wovens to create wardrobe building pieces that last the test of time.

RAW by RAW are also industry leaders in creating custom-made one-off leather masterpieces based on the specific designs and requests of our clients.

Our collections are stocked by retailers around Australia and New Zealand, and can also be purchased online.

Our Leather

The Balsim family through its European roots have sustained relationships with leading Italian Tanneries going back generations – in decades or trading and hand-crafting only working with the best that the world has to offer Quality Ethical Production is the main code of conduct that in imbedded into the companies ethos.

 All our leather is tanned in Italy in regions that have been known for the tanning of leather since Roman Times. All our leather suppliers (tanneries) have passed on their knowledge to new generations whilst employing new technology to advance quality, become increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable.

All tanneries have approved water treatment plants as endorsed by the Italian Government and all skins are approved animal bi-products. All tanneries are quality assured and employ ethical production principles to all components of the leather production process. Due to this we work with Italian Leather Suppliers endorsed by the “Unione Nazionale Industria Conceria” the “National Union of Tanneries of Italy” and all our tanneries have “ISO” accreditation.

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Our Fabrics and Yarns

RAW by Raw strives to source the finest quality natural fibre fabrics from home and abroad. Sourcing only the finest quality fabric in wool, modal, silk and cotton from local Australian textiles houses and our amazing suppliers in Italy that employ the use of fine quality Australian Wool.

Equally as is our company principle all fabrics are sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers that employ environmentally friendly and sustainable methods in knitting, spinning and milling our fabrics/yarns.

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